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Faster Payments Throughout COVID-19

So many things have changed over the last year, particularly the way that we shop. Customer and employee safety is now a high priority and many shops have already banned the use of cash over fears of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. This has forced people to use contactless payments, which is now the most common way to pay, whether using a bank card, a mobile phone or a payment wearable.

The problems with paying for goods today

If you’ve been to a store recently then you’ll likely have run into some of these issues:

  • Not accepting cash payments due to hygiene concerns.
  • Face ID on phone payments not easy because of face mask laws.
  • Slow contactless payments on your phone as need to authorise with a PIN code.
  • Annoyance having to get out your wallet and take out a payment card.
  • Frustrations with having to take out a card or phone from your bag to pay for something.
  • Bulging pockets since you need to keep your phone accessible.

These can be pretty frustrating situations to deal with and, in some cases, you may even put the items back to return later with an acceptable payment method.

Thankfully, there is a convenient and elegant solution to help you make payments.

Speeding up payments with K-pay

K-pay offers a wide variety of contactless payment wearables, including bracelets, pendants, keyrings and straps that are easy to use and always ready to pay. You simply touch them on to the contactless payment terminal and your payment is swiftly made, making it the fastest and safest way to pay. All K-pay devices work wherever  you see the contactless payment symbol, like on buses, trains, supermarkets and petrol stations.

Alongside this K-pay wearables are water-resistant, emit no waves, are hypoallergenic and, if you misplace it, can be deactivated in a single click.  So having a convenient payment method on your wrist or key fob makes life a lot easier, safer and quicker whenever you need to make a contactless payment.

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